Illegal Immigration

  Big in the news nowadays, isn't it? Congress, the President, judges are all wasting millions of dollars mouthing about what to do about the problem, not of immigration which has long been conducted by law, but illegal immigration. But only a very naive person can expect that pack to solve the problem. They created it, passed laws, blocked enforcement of them, and now they are going to fix it? Give me a break! Everything any of them suggest or do will be for their own selfish benefit and a quest for votes for power and money in their pockets.

  You can get into the USA illegally, but there is one thing for sure. You cannot get into the kingdom of God illegally. You either enter according to the law of God or you are still an alien. Nobody can alter His law to make it fit your wishes. Calling yourself a citizen is only deceiving yourself if you have not obeyed His will. You may even be included by others as if you are a citizen. One may want to establish permanent residence (that is what an immigrant is) but he will do so ONLY on God's terms and no other.

  We work hard trying to persuade people to immigrate into the kingdom of God. But we do not want to be guilty of deceiving anybody to think they can get that done other than according to "thus saith the Lord."