Immeasurable Blessing

  We hear people speak of the privilege of prayer. Indeed, it is a privilege. It is a blessing beyond man's ability to measure because of its magnitude and power. Just the very thought that a mere human being can call for the attention of Almighty God, the Creator and Judge, is something that cannot be explained with human reasoning. It is something God has provided for His children with which to communicate with Him.

  Prayer is a God-man relationship. God is the benefactor and man is the beneficiary. In prayer man admits his insufficiency and recognizes the source of every good and perfect gift. God wants man to pray, not because God does not know what man needs, but man needs to understand his dependence on God.

  When Paul teaches, "Pray without ceasing," he is telling us to always be mindful of God, always remain on speaking terms with God, never be slack regarding the use of this avenue of approach to God, but be constant and faithful as well as humble and obedient as we come before the throne of God who searches the heart.