Immerse Them Again

  Acts 19: 1-7. You must read it. Paul was passing through Ephesus and found some who had been baptized of John's baptism, but knew nothing of the Holy Spirit. One who has been baptized by the authority of Christ has heard of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38; Matt. 28:19). Obviously, these had not been baptized correctly, that is, for the right reason and the right authority. Paul took them and baptized them correctly the same way Peter taught on Pentecost, in the name of Christ and for the remission of sins..

  Some today are baptized to join some denomination, thinking they are already saved, even substituting sprinkling for immersion. The fact is they have only gotten wet but have done the will of the Lord. What to do? Do as Paul did. Baptize them properly. What's so hard to understand?