The Importance of His Resurrection

  (1) His resurrection confirmed His identity as the Son of God which is the foundation of Christianity. (2) It makes certain there is a future existence after this life. (3) It dispels the darkness that surrounds the grave. (4) It urges us to recognize that our greatest interests are not in this life but the future world. (5) It is the reason for the hope that we have "in Christ." (6) It makes the trials of this life more bearable knowing what awaits the redeemed. (7) It takes the dread most of us feel toward death. (8) It provides our hope for the faithful who have already ended this life. (Most points are borrowed from Albert Barnes Commentary on Philippians).

  You can probably add to these with some thought. Our faith, hope and reason to love is wrapped up in the resurrection of Christ. He is qualified to give man eternal life because He defeated the last enemy.