In Appreciation

  Being bountifully blessed has characterized my life as I see it. There are so many that deserve my expression of gratitude for what they have done of which I have been beneficiary. Because this is the anniversary of the independence of our country I am more than usually reminded of the sacrifices and hardships so many undertook and we now enjoy the fruits of their labors. How many graves, how many wounds, how much suffering has gone before us to provide our freedom! I am so grateful.

  I realize that my blessings, all of them, come from God. But I also realize He has used many, many people to provide these things. I find is difficult to comprehend how anyone in our land cannot be thankful for what so many have done that we can have the blessings we enjoy.

  So my comment today is a simple and sincere word of appreciation to the millions who have made freedom the prime blessing of America. I have nothing but contempt for those who presently seek to take that away from us whether they be foreigners or domestic destroyers. May God defeat our enemies. May God bless America.