In the City of David

  It was in the city of David, Bethlehem, just as had been prophesied hundreds of years before, that Deity took on the form of flesh in the person of Jesus. The glorious announcement of His birth is recorded for us in the New Testament.

  It is customary today for families to announce the birth of additional children into their midst. It was not an unusual thing even in Jesus' day. The announcement of His birth far exceeds others because this was the birth of the Son of God who was to provide the way of salvation for all men who would come unto Him. Here came the avenue of peace between man and God by the forgiveness of the sins of man.

  The announcement of His birth is rivaled, however, by the announcement of His being raised from the dead. "He is risen," was the proclamation. We have such tremendous announcements regarding the Christ in our Bibles and we should study and appreciate them all.