In the Hands of the Depraved

  It is so disconcerting to realize how much of society is controlled by those of degenerate and depraved minds that probably never entertained a decent thought, Not only the movies, television, magazines, even "news" media and school textbooks but also the Internet depicts the lowest forms of moral depravity of the lowest elements of humanity. Not only on the pornographic websites, but even when you bring up the weather, sports, etc. you get treated to a pack of homosexual, lesbian, immodest sluts and sewer rats in what they call advertising. They get away with it because the moral climate of the nation accepts it and it is misnamed "free speech."

  God says, "Let no corrupt communication proceed from your mouth" (Eph. 4: 29). "Free speech" was not meant to be the profane sewerage that characterizes America today. If what is prevalent today is "free speech," it is time to end it. It is nothing but a cover for the propagation of the ways of the devil by his willing servants.