Incapable of Shame

  It really does not matter so much to me if you belong to one of the major political parties. If we could only find somebody in those parties that would tell the truth consistently enough to rely on something they say. The present government is in the hands of people who obviously have no respect for truth but lie every day about anything of which they speak. Never has our nation been under the control of such morally delinquent crooks and thugs. From the top down it seems they go out of their way to lie rather than tell the truth when the truth would even do them more good. Pathological liars: that is what they are. How can a nation survive when the leadership is so vile and corrupt from top to bottom?

  Thankfully I don't belong to either of these corrupt organizations because I prefer to be a Christian. But everybody suffers when the degenerate trash now in control runs roughshod over everything decent and right. That is of concern to Christians. The future for those who follow after us is bleak if we cannot find a way to purge this nation of such garbage and replace them people who have respect for our laws and a reasonable degree of morality. It sure does not exist today. I favor getting rid of them by whatever means it takes. They are incapable of shame.