Independence Day

  We know July fourth is called Independence Day which marks the birth of a free nation. Due to the risks and sacrifices taken by those who went before us we enjoy freedom. They, and millions since then, have given their all to keep our land free. But that freedom is very much under attack within and without today. Our present government is in place because of racists, perverts, parasites, baby killers, liberals, humanists, and God-defying masses, and our freedom is subject to disposal by these tyrants.

  That calls history to mind. Freedom was won and has been preserved by bullets, not ballots. Ballots allow it to be vulnerable when so many are so antagonistic to the founding principles. What can preserve our freedom? The gospel of Christ can if given a chance. But that chance will not likely happen seeing the mindset of the self-willed American public. That leaves the other alternative that history has demonstrated which is armed rebellion against the tyrants who subvert freedom. It may take a bloodbath to keep us free. It has taken that many times in our history.

  Thankfully we have spiritual freedom through Christ. That took His blood. We should take advantage of it regardless of worldly freedom..