Inevitable Controversy

  None should deliberately seek controversy. But some is unavoidable. The very nature of Christianity makes controversy inescapable. Some, being cowards, shun it. But the way of Christ is narrow and strait. There is no room for deviation. To depart from His way is to bring upon us condemnation. Did not Paul condemn those who preached a different gospel from what had been preached (Gal. 1: 6-9)?

  For this reason we know not just any teaching and every teacher is acceptable with God or those who are determined to be faithful for Christ. This is the reason some preachers and teachers do not belong in classrooms, pulpits, on lectureships, on pages of journals professing to uphold the truth. The very narrowness of the claims of Christ makes controversy inevitable. But faithful brethren will endure this discomfort for the sake of truth.