Inhumane Humanism

  Humanism is a philosophy born of the devil. It denies God, denies the spirit of man, denies life after death, denies there is right and wrong, denies we can know truth even if truth exists which it doubts, supports abortion, evolution and every vice and evil that exists in the world. Yet, this philosophy dominates our educational system, the media, government, and the behavior of society generally. No wonder society is without defense of its actions.

  Humanism is brutal to mankind. It is not to be confused with humanitarianism which purports to help mankind. Early humanism is not what humanism is today. Man is nothing, absolutely nothing, but an animal and at the same time he becomes his own god, is accountable to nobody and whatever he wants is acceptable. Might makes right. Humanism turns the world into the chaos we see dominating the world today. It is growing.

  Learn about this hideous antihuman doctrine and be aware of how it is being forced on the world. It already controls most of it.