Instant Manhood

  The Bible teaches that a woman is not to teach nor to usurp authority over the man. But a child, a boy of eight years? A boy of eight years does not become a man when he is baptized. He is still a child and has no authority for anybody to usurp. Enter the water a boy and VOILA! come out a man. Who can believe such a thing as that?

  The reasons given recently for moving a baptized child of eight years of age out of a class his age taught by a woman and force him into an adult auditorium class are so stupid I refuse to tell you about them. Why is anybody so dumb?

  We ought to be able to tell the difference between a child and a man. Paul could (l Cor. 13: 11). If a girl of eight is baptized, does that instantly make her a woman? Such nonsense hurts the Lord's church.

  The motive to adopt such a restriction may be good but brethren should learn better than to adopt absurd positions.