Interesting Facts

  Like many Bibles, mine has some interesting notes. Toward the back cover I read these notations and thought you might find them interesting also. 1. The Hebrew day begins at sundown, approximately six hours before the beginning of the modern day. 2. Edersheim, in his book, The Temple, Its Ministry and Services, says, "Early on the forenoon of the fourteenth of Nisan, the Lord Jesus... sent Peter and John before Him 'to prepare the Passover'". His book is most informative. 3. A. T. Robertson, commenting on John 19:14, in A Harmony of the Gospels, says: "This phrase "Preparation{ was really the name of a day of the week, the day before the Sabbath, our Friday... 'Preparation' has long been the regular name for Friday in the Greek language."

  I doubt you must know all this to get the heaven but knowing the facts recorded in the Bible helps us to understand the record and be better equipped to apply God's message to our individual lives. Search your Scriptures to learn God's truth. Check, with a degree of skepticism, some of the interesting notes Bible students have gleaned from Bible study.