Interpret: Get the Meaning

  It is a misnomer and an incorrect idea to suggest that people "interpret" the Bible differently. It reveals a misunderstanding of what it is to interpret. Everything we read must be interpreted whether it is a newspaper, some book or even the Bible. God gave us His Word, the Bible, and He did not give us something to be taken just anyway we see fit. We are to get the meaning and not attempt to assign a meaning to what He says.

  Nebuchadnezzar had a dream and Daniel told him both the dream and its meaning in Daniel 2. He said he would make known the interpretation (verse 25). He told the meaning of it. (In this instance it had to do with the time of the establishment of the Lord's kingdom which would come in the days of the Roman empire, the fourth kingdom.)

  If we differ over what the Word means it is because one or both have misinterpreted. But when both interpret, they will understand it alike and correctly.