Interpret According to Foreign Law?

  Millions in America were shocked when one who swore to uphold the Constitution said it should be interpreted according to international and foreign law. Nothing is more ridiculous but this is the disposition of several  even on the Supreme Court. How far from good sense we have come! The way the Constitution is treated today we just as soon not have one. And we will not if things continue as they are presently going to the left.

  But if you consider how people look at the Bible the same obnoxious attitude prevails. They interpret the Bible according to man's creeds, disciplines, catechisms, manuals, feelings, ancestors, anything and everything except what the law of the Lord declares.  "Make God's  will fit the will of man" is the way of life with most.

  The nation is being eroded by such views as expressed by that judge. Many are too drunk with pleasure and money to even be aware of how the nation is in fatal decline. But as serious as that is, it pales in significance to what people are doing to the Bible and their own souls. It is a real possibility the nation will not survive. But the soul will exist in eternity doomed and damned unless there is  respect for the Law of God.