The Iron Gate

  Herod thought he could dam up the stream of Christianity that flowed through Jerusalem by seizing the apostles, killing James and putting Peter in prison. While God must have had more use for the head of James on the block than in the pulpit, it would be different for Peter. As he slept in the prison an angel came to him, awakened him, told him to quickly arise. The chains fell away and he was led toward the exit of the prison.

  Peter thought it was a vision but soon came to the iron gate which was opened and through which he escaped and joined the other disciples. Have you ever faced an "iron gate?" Many stand before an "iron gate" today that blocks their deliverance from sorrow, pain and guilt of sin. But the Lord has provided the way of escape if we would follow it. Many have passed through that gate as the Lord directed and know the peace, comfort and joy of being a child of God. What of you? Do not allow your "iron gate" to block your path into the blessings God provides.