Is He a Christian?

  The man who presently is living in the White House claims he is a Christian. While supporting, endorsing and participating in many anti-Christian policies and promoting Islamic interest, he still claims he is a Christian. Half of America cannot tell what he is; a fourth claims he is a Muslim; the others go along with his claim. The Bible teaches you can detect a Christian. This man is certainly no Christian according to the teaching of the Bible. He does not even qualify according to the perverted gospel of denominations.

  But we must accept whatever he says because, after all, many believe he is God's Messiah for the world. Who has reason to doubt a habitual liar?

  Islam is an enemy of humanity, Christianity, you and your family. This guy, if not on record as a Muslim (and he once was), is, well, let's be charitable, one of the most despicable barbarians on this earth. But that can fit most every Muslim if you believe they believe their Koran.