Is Interest Waning?

  It seems that interest in matters of the soul is on the decline in America. Under the constant bombardment of humanism and secularism, and the growing concept that anything goes, the concern for the teaching of God's Word on such matters seems to be at a low tide. People can get aroused and excited about where some quarterback may play next season but they show little concern about where the soul will exist in eternity.

  When you take a close look at the events in the day of Jesus' ministry you get a similar impression. Although for a while His fame was widespread and multitudes followed Him, we all know what happened to Him. The concern for Christ was drained away. So it seems even now.

  But that does not change God's truth nor man's responsibility. So whether interest is high or low, what you do personally will determine whether you will exist in heaven or hell. Better we keep our interest as high as we can.