Is It "Worldly?"

  The imposition of man's standards that violate God's laws is becoming more and more commonplace. But some have carried the conflict into the realm of the ridiculous. While we are to obey God rather than men, when man's law requires no violation of God's law, we are expected to obey the law. God says so.

  Amish object to having a triangular warning on their slow-moving buggies so they can be seen at night. "It is worldly?" they say. Just what law of God this violates we are not told. Theirs is a man-made law.

  Maybe they ought to walk. Wheels are "worldly." Take down the top on the buggy. That's "worldly." Take out the seats for sure. Their religion may say it is wrong, but their religion is not of God anyway. Knock some of them off the road because they cannot be seen and the survivors may see things more clearly.

  They say they trust God. Well, they should obey God and obey the law like God says to do.