Is It Like This?

  Hopefully, as one grows older, he learns a few things. One thing I have learned is that we must constantly take care of ourselves physically or we will get in bad condition, sicknesses will be more frequent, abilities will be lost more rapidly, and our usefulness will be dissipated before our time. When we are younger we think our vigor and health will always be there and we probably are not as attentive to ourselves as we should be.

  But what about our spiritual condition, which is far more important? Is there a time when we can just take it for granted that we are sound, solid and secure and need not focus on growth, study, being active in the Lord's kingdom? It is to be expected that our limitations become apparent, but our spirit needs nourishment and exercise just like our body if we are going to stay faithful. It is so sad when an older person grows weary of well doing. So to us older people let today's notes help us to take heed! Age does not mean quit but a need for a greater determination to keep going.