Is There a Better Reason?

  We could probably list a number of very competent reasons what children ought to obey their parents. After all, the parents have a great responsibility, sacrifice a great deal for them, try to give them the best guidance they know how. They deserve to be respected. The command to honor father and mother has always been a command of God that was easy for me to obey because they deserved honor. Children owe a lot to their parents.

  Ephesians 6:1, "Children, obey your parents in the Lord..." We shall finish the verse momentarily. Here is a divine command and children should be taught it. It is the Lord's will that they respect the authority of parents and do what they are instructed. Parents are in control.

  Why obey parents? As we said, there are a number of specific reasons, but one takes care of them all; "...for this is right." When something is right, that settles it, doesn't it? Do we need more motivation than that? God says it is right. Who are we say otherwise. No reason will surpass this one.