Is There One?

  While preparing a sermon regarding the church the question was asked, "Is there an all-sufficient church?" For something to be all-sufficient means it lacks nothing and is fully adequate with no need for anything more and nothing that ought be taken away. If there is not an all-sufficient church, could there be one?

  We believe the church Christ built, of which He is the head and Savior, is all-sufficient. There is the divine side of the church (foundation, name,  government, terms of entrance, etc.) that is perfect. There is the human side of the church (the church being composed of people) where there is always room for improvement.  When we follow the New Testament and have the church after that fashion it is all-sufficient. Christ did not build something that was lacking or inadequate.

  Some men seem to think they can improve the Lord's church and change it in every way. They say they only want to improve the human side (a noble motive) but watch them carefully because they usually are determined to change something of the divine side to make it appealing.