Ishmael, the Murderer, Got Away

  After Judah was taken into captivity by Babylon, Gedaliah was made governor by the king of Babylon. Not everyone accepted Gedaliah and one named Ishamel (not Isaac's brother) plotted to slay him. Gedaliah was warned but gave no heed, even said it was false to accuse Ishmael of such a thing. But soon Ishamel carried out his plan and slew Gedaliah and many of his followers, taking other captive.  He then fled to Ammon. Those captured by him were later rescued. As far as we know he never faced prosecution for the evil thing that he did.

  It seems that Ishamel got away with murder. But is he the last to have done so? Are there others walking about as if they have done no wrong? The point we wish to make is that men may deceive other men and get away with evil in this life. But do they really think they shall deceive God? Do they not realize there is the coming judgment when sins not forgiven will not be hidden nor escape God's wrath?