It's So Good to be Home

  Through the years, I, like most gospel preachers have been away from home many time for various reasons, mostly gospel meetings. The past two weeks I have been away for that purpose. But now I am back where I want to be most of all. Home always looks so good.

  It reminds me of getting to heaven. Won't it be a wonderful "homecoming" when we hear God say, "Well done?" Returning to our earthly home is so sweet. How much more glorious it will be to enter that eternal heavenly home. Nothing is more important than reaching heaven, is there?

  But we have our role to fill in getting there. While we are dependent on God's grace, mercy and love for providing us the way to heaven through the blood and resurrection of Christ, we are taught to be obedient to His will (Heb. 5:9). Can we expect heaven if we ignore this teaching and disobey? So let us resolve that obedience will be our pattern in life. Then, someday, home, sweet home.