It's Not That Easy

  Deciding how long to preach a lesson is not always easy to determine. At least, it never has been for me and I have been trying for over fifty-seven years. Don't you think the length of a lesson should be determined by the content rather than the clock? Some lessons take less time and others much longer. How do you fit them all in a prearranged time slot? I have found it best to simply preach your lesson and forget the clock (as long as you are considerate of your hearers).

  Radio lessons, lectures, they are a pain because you have a subject and what you do with it is settled by the clock rather than the topic. I wish hearers understood that better. Some say a great deal in a few minutes and others- well- little is really said but much time is taken. I contend it is not always easy to know just how long to occupy the pulpit on a given occasion. Maybe you have the magic bullet and the answer. I never did.