It Begins to Register

  Finally, after many words of warning that were ignored, it begins to register on a parent how foolish they have been regarding the rearing of their children. Finally they begin to see why a son or daughter has left the church for some denomination, or dismissed any recognition of God. Finally the ball games that were put before worship, the failure to attend service regularly, the neglect of teaching the will of Lord to their young, the poor in-home example of behavior begins to loom larger and larger as the root of the cause for the child's apostasy, but probably too late to correct. Finally, with their child marrying someone out of the church, they see how their child is lost and possibly beyond recovery. Why they were so blind during the formative years of their child is difficult to tell. But some people just will not listen and cannot be warned.

  But eventually the folly of their ways shows so clearly. And their child is on their way to condemnation and they allowed it to happen.