It Can Boomerang!

  We can learn from the Old Testament. One class I am presently teaching includes Esther in which a man named Haman is a principal. Haman, filled with pride, sought to destroy Mordecai. But his plot backfired on him. Read about this in the lesson on Esther (#406).

  When the destruction of an enemy or opponent is your goal, you better be careful lest you are the one destroyed. Often, like Mordecai, the one you mistreat does not respond in kind to the treatment given him. He does not attempt to get even, cut down or destroy. He does  not lie and gossip against them as has been done to him. He may try to survive, however. But the wicked eventually get their due, if not in this life, certainly the next.

  The Lord taught us how to treat those who choose to be our enemies. Difficult though it may be, we are always the victor when we follow His will. Choosing Haman's approach will only work to our eternal detriment. Getting even with an enemy is not worth the loss of your own soul. Leave them alone and let it go. Your acceptance before God is not dependent on having their approval anyway.