It Can Get Frustrating

  Because so many have no real clue as to the work of preachers it gets difficult for preachers. So many think of preachers as denominational people do of their clergy. But that is not the way it should be.

  Preachers are to preach the Word. You can get a good idea of the work of preachers when Peter asks Cornelius why he sent for him. Preachers are not the police of the church nor are to rule the church. They are not errand boys or decorations.

  Brethren need to be taught the work of preachers. Sadly, many times when preachers teach the Bible on the subject some misguided people think he is only trying to promote himself. So the ignorance and frustration continues.

  What is the preacher to do? Just keep preaching the Word and hope some will give the word a hearing.