It Could Have Survived

  Bible students are very aware of the destruction of Sodom and why God destroyed it. It had become almost as evil as present-day San Francisco and Chicago and many other US cities. God told Abraham what was going to happen and Abraham made an effort to spare the people if righteousness could be found most anywhere. Beginning with fifty, he finally got God to agree to spare the city if ten righteous people could be found. They did not live there and the city burned.

  Some consider it radical but some just close their eyes to reality. Most Americans are evil; not just sinful like all of us, but evil and their minds are corrupt. How can you tell? Just consider what they crave. They make more of the balderdash of Michael Jackson than the soldiers fighting for our freedom. They ignore the communist in the White House, the lying thieves that dominate Congress, the immoral paganism of Hollywood, the rich, muscle-bound egotists of the sports world while wallowing in the muck and mire of humanism in the schools. If you objectively look at American society you cannot say it is good unless you are willing to close your eyes and pretend.

  But it can survive if enough righteous people exist. But whether they live here or not is not easily determined. Freedom's survival may depend on measures most would prefer to to use.