It Did Not Matter

  It did not matter to Pilate nor to the Jews of the first century who cried, "Crucify him." Three explicit times Pilate declared he found no fault in Jesus. That should have ended the matter if justice had prevailed. But, as Isaiah foretold, His judgment was taken away. The truth regarding Christ did not matter to them. They were only concerned with their hatred of the Son of God.

  It is no different today with the enemies of the Lord. The things that are said and written about Him so often have no semblance of truth whatsoever. But what does that matter to them? Lying and misrepresentation is the cornerstone of their activity. The irrational hatred against God's Son running rampant in many quarters today is without explanation except that truth does not matter to such people.

  They may think they are getting away with their evil. But the day of reckoning will come and they shall receive just recompense for their sins. Then they will realize that truth about Christ matters.