It Does Cause Concern For the Christian

  The Lord's church does not engage in the political battles of our society. We do speak out regarding moral, ethical and religious issues because that is a part of being a Christian. Our lack of involvement in the political struggles does not reflect disinterest and concern however because the political affairs do affect our lives, freedom, religious liberty and welfare.

  It does concern the Christian that there are powerful forces seeking power in America that are atheistic, communistic, liberal, pro-abortion, pro-sexual perversion, government intrusion into the home, pro-Muslim, anti-Christian and Bible banning censorship. More than any time in my lifetime are these forces reaching such power that they may well capture the highest offices of authority. If so, even though the Christian will not be deterred from his path, it will make his path more difficult.

  Sadly, there will be those who "profess" to be Christians who will support the very people who promote the anti-Christian agenda because they have a political party loyalty that surpasses their loyalty to Christ.