It Does Not Take a Long Verse

  People are pressed for time to study the Bible. In fact, probably most spend very little time studying the Bible. Somehow they must think it will just drift into their minds if they think about studying it.

  Some studies require considerable time and time should be spent studying. Some may cover an extended passage and consider many subjects. How profitable that is! But if we would only use a little common sense we could gain much spiritual food by studying a verse or two and gleaning from it the message of the mind of God that He intends for us to gather.

  In recent week I have been considering some seldom-used texts that are very brief but convey profound life governing and strengthening messages. It is not too demanding and it sure beats wasting time watching the idiot box and all the rubbish it serves for you to consume. Why not be sensible and study the Bible. It doesn't take a long verse to get eternal lessons.