It Doesn't Change That

  Don't let some liberal preacher lead you to hell. Many things are changed in baptism because that is where we reach the blood of Christ and His blood is the difference. But baptism does not change sin from being sin.

  Lying, stealing, fornicating, cursing, lusting, hating, on and on we can list the catalogue of sins. One may be guilty of these but be forgiven by the blood of Christ when baptized. But these things are still sinful.

  Adultery is still adultery after baptism. If one has been married, divorced for reason(s) other than fornication and taken another mate, their "marriage" is not approved by the Lord and he/she is living in adultery. So they have been baptized! If they continue to live as adulterers they are in sin. Being baptized does not change adultery into an acceptable marriage.