It Has Become Commonplace

  When reading the Biblical history of Israel and Judah you just were amazed how they would continue in their wickedness in spite of the warnings and admonitions of the prophets. How could they be so blind and determined to bring about their self-destruction?

  But wonder no more. We see that same rebellious and degenerate frame of mind in most Americans everyday. Truth means nothing. The Bible is cast aside. Morality is old-fashioned. Lying is accepted. Even the lowest forms of perversion are protected. Nobody will even think long enough to see how America is committing suicide just like Israel and Judah.

  Christianity is promoted and defended by the sword of the Spirit. Freedom, however, has been won and preserved many times by carnal warfare. If we retain our freedom, including freedom of religion, the only recourse is REVOLUTION against a Satanic and tyrannical element of society that has captured the media, government, education, entertainment, etc. Few will give the gospel a chance.