It Is a Serious Thing

  A constant cover for criminals in public office is to hear someone with a pea-sized brain say that what one does in private life has no bearing on his qualifications for public office. How ridiculously stupid can people be? No, it may not be stupidity as much as it is downright evil. The trait of honesty is scarce with many people. Immorality is wrong and betrays a wicked character of an irresponsible person regardless of what anyone says.

  Just why I should place confidence to make laws that govern my life and lives of my people in a person who is unfaithful to his marriage vows, cannot keep from lying about his military record, cheats on his taxes (but gets away with it because he is a politician), dipping his sticky hands into public funds, but he can be trusted? Yes, he can be trusted. He can be trusted to be the same kind of low-life lying crook in public office as he is in his private life. So many presently in power demonstrate this every day.

  How our Lord must grieve over a nation that He has so abundantly blessed but see that same nation rise in rebellion against Him and His will.