It Is Absolutely Incredible

  The extent to which God haters will go to get people to deny God is beyond comprehension. Especially is this true regarding the idea of Darwinian evolution which is broadcast in schools, the media, cartoons, books, drawings, etc. etc. as if it was a proven FACT. No lie has ever been more sinister nor widely accepted as this one. Evolution is not only NOT a FACT; it is not even reasonable good sense. It defies and denies not just Biblical evidence but scientific evidence as well. But that does not deter God haters from promoting it.

  What is so absurd is how such "evidence" for evolution is presented from the findings of a small amount of scattered bones here and there and from these complete drawings are made to depict the creature the God hater has in mind. Nothing even close has been found to depict man and animals coming from a common ancestor by evolution. NOTHING. But that does not deter the God haters from promoting it.

  How stupidly naive people can be to just swallow the lies of liars about evolution and never even investigate anything for themselves.