It Is Not Good.

It Is Bad

  Today's "news" tells us that now more Americans live in families outside of marriage than in marriage. Let us be honest. It means that more and more Americans are fornicators, adulterers, whoremongers, homosexuals, children who are bastards, and parents who are irresponsible degenerate partakers of humanism. The way to hell and destruction is dominating the American scene. Nations do not survive this defiance of Deity. Nor will our nation. The only real questions facing America is not shall it fall, but only when and who will do the job. Our enemies are within and without.

  God's pattern for the family has been set aside by our degenerate, sophisticated and "wiser than God" nation. There are those who are fool enough to think it does not matter. Previous civilizations thought the same way and now there is little trace of them.

  Dismiss it if you wish. But we are committing suicide as a nation and selling our children to the devil. God grant a fighting deliverer will arise and purge our nation of the vile sinful trash that is so prominent in America.