It Is Plain Silly

  Many are doing everything they can to erase religion from America, especially Christianity. They fight against displays of the Ten Commandments because they hate anything that came from God. (They are so ignorant that don't know the Ten Commandments are from Judaism, not Christianity.) They now want to refer to the Christmas holidays but without using the term Christmas that refers to Christ. The tree is no longer a Christmas tree but a holiday tree. Stupidity!

  We know Christmas is not the birthday of Christ nor do knowledgeable Christians ever celebrate it as such. But the season has a name and it is Christmas. Secularists want Christ removed from everything. To hear some folks calling for "Holiday Greetings," I ask, what holidays? It's Christmas and it is foolish to try to make it something else.

  I recall getting two days vacation from school that was called the "Easter" holiday. I didn't celebrate that day as the Lord's resurrection. But the name of the season is Easter. Why strain at the gnat and swallow the camel over such trivia? Recognizing the time of the season violates no principle. Some things are just silly.