It Is the Same

  Whether committed by a non-Christian or by a Christian, sin is sin. Of course, the Christian receives forgiveness by a different way than the non-Christian. He is forgiven through repentance, confession of his sin and prayer. This is because he is in a different relationship with God than the non-Christian who must believe, repent, confess Christ and be baptized. Both are cleansed by the blood of Christ.

  We are often warned against church members sinning.. Surprised that Christians sin? We should not be, even though it ought not be. When we become Christians we are not immune to temptation and do sin (1 John 1: 8-10). Usually sermons on this theme are trying to show how inconsistent it is for a Christian to pursue a life of sin (Rom. 6: 1,2). But sin is sin in both instances.

  Anyone who contends the Christian cannot fall is as wrong as can be. Every New Testament epistle warns the Christian against doing that very thing. Why the warning if it could not happen?