It Makes All the Difference

  The Saducees denied the immorality of the soul, the reality of the spirit, life after this one, angels and the resurrection. Modernists do the same today. Jehovah's Witnesses deny the bodily resurrection of Jesus saying He was raised only in spirit and that His body is preserved somewhere as a memorial to God's love. In spite of those denials the New Testament makes it plain that the resurrection of the body of Jesus is a plank in the platform of the gospel. Romans 1:4 teaches that God declared Jesus to be His Son by His resurrection. This is not the only evidence to sustain that truth, but it is a climatic one.

  The Deity of Jesus Christ and the reality of the resurrection stand or fall together. If Jesus was raised, there is a resurrection and He is the Son of God. If there is no resurrection, He was not raised. Our hope is founded on His Deity and the evidences that prove it.