It Must Have Been Difficult

  That to which our title refers is the abandonment Paul felt as he was in prison and facing possible execution. Those on whom have should have been able to depend for help and support had forsaken him (2 Tim. 1: 15; 4: 16, 17).

  But Paul knew that God was with him, stood by him, strengthened him and would preserve him unto his heavenly kingdom. With that assurance he could face whatever he encountered.

  After so many years of work and toil, caring for the lost and the saved, it must have been hard for him to come to the closing days of his service and seem to have to stand alone. He prayed for those who had neglected him and did not want God to hold it to their charge. Can you find a more noble spirit than that manifested by Paul?

  Nonetheless, his heart must have ached in disappointment and sadness to feel all had forsaken him and none stood with him in his final days.