It Simply Must Be

  There are many, many churches in the world. But unless one thing characterizes a church it is vain. The church must be composed of people who allow Jesus Christ to be the supreme authority and people who follow His teaching.

  A church that pleases God does not follow any human creed, discipline, manual, confession of faith, catechism, prayer book, council, conference, clergy, ancestors, human tradition, the majority, feelings, etc. as authority. All authority belongs to Christ (Matt. 28: 18); He is the head (Col. 1:18); and all things must be by His authority (Col. 3:17). The revelation of His authority is in the Scriptures.

  Contrary to what some have stated, the church is not a democracy but a monarchy. Christ is King. God speaks by and through Him (Heb. 1: 1,2) and He is the One we must hear (Matt. 17: 5). In all its ways a church must respect this necessity or it cannot and will not please God and will only be rooted up (Matt. 15:13). Nothing will evr change this truth. Absolutely nothing!