It Took Both

  The scheme of redemption of man from the wages of his self-imposed sins was designed and delivered by Almighty God through Christ and His inspired apostles, now incorporated in the Inspired Word, the Bible. In the wisdom of God Christ would die for the sins of others and be raised from the dead to give eternal life. Death and Resurrection.

  Romans 4: 25 mentions both the death and resurrection of Christ in order for man to be justified. "Who was delivered for our offenses, and was raised again for our justification." By His vicarious death the penalty was paid and justice was satisfied. By His life hope and life are provided for all who will come to Him.

  There is the major problem in the plan of salvation. It is not that God's grace and mercy is  inadequate, but that man has not partaken of God's love and what God has done. Man, to be saved, must do his obedience to the gospel or remain as a doomed and damned soul because of his sins.

Grace and Obedience.  In both instances, IT TAKES BOTH.