It Won't Work?

  How strange! I must have been given false information regarding sexual intercourse. I had always thought that is the way women become pregnant and have children. Now we are being told by the liberal anti-God degenerate experts that abstinence from sexual activity does not prevent unwanted pregnancies. There is only one big problem I have to overcome and that is to learn how someone can become pregnant without the union of male sperm and female egg which is usually through sexual contact. Have you ever heard of anybody becoming pregnant who abstained? (Of course, today, science has been able to plant sperm medically but that is not what produces the millions of unwanted teenage pregnancies and that which provokes the murder of millions of babies by abortion.)

  The absence of morality is what is the problem. Morality is a dead issue in America thanks to the liberal element, politicians, "educators," the experts, clergymen and the lowest level of human depravity on the media and entertainment world. If one will be moral there will be no unwanted pregnancy among teens and the unmarried. But that is such an old-fashioned idea, isn't it? No use teaching that anymore.