Jesus as High Priest

 It was prophesied that Jesus would be our high priest as well as king on His throne (Zech 6: 13). Hebrews emphasizes both of these positions for Christ. As high priest He entered heaven (typified by the Most Holy Place in the tabernacle and later the temple).  Just as the Levitical high priest entered the Most Holy Place once per year, Christ entered heaven once. The Levitical priest entered with blood (not his own blood) and so Christ entered with blood (but with His own blood that was shed at Calvary).

  The Levitical priest offered blood for his own sins as well as the sins of the people. Christ offered His blood, not for His own sins which never existed, but the sins of others. All of this is taught in Hebrews chapter nine.

  This is added evidence of the superiority of Christ over all that went before Him which is one of the primary messages of Hebrews. Why would one ever prefer to leave the superior to return to the inferior?