Jesus Did Not Lie

 How absurd to say Jesus is God's Son but contend He lied. Yet that is what theistic evolutionists do because Jesus said God made them male and female from the beginning. Evolutionist say that came about by gradual natural processes. Evolutionists claim the world to be into the billions of year old but man only a few million. Both are ridiculously wrong, but Jesus said they were from the beginning. Genesis so reports it; Christ confirmed it. Paul taught the same thing. The "smart" people of today know better.

  One may not believe the Bible but only a dishonest person will claim Jesus lied, was ignorant, didn't know any better and deceived others.

  By the way, does it not take male and female to reproduce after its kind? Evolutionists say thousands of years of evolution took place before there was male and female. How did those specimens continue to survive without male and female? Sure did have some old creatures before they got male and female?