Jewish Feast Days

  In the Bible the Jewish nation was instructed by the Lord to observe a number of festive celebrations called feast days. Some were MAJOR and others were MINOR. But they had great significance to the Jews, their  history, the purpose for being God's special people. They were events for the convocation of the people to commemorate some event, often connected in some way with their agricultural prosperity, a recollection of their hardships, their blessings and their unity as a people. They were observed faithfully during most of their history.

  The real significance of these feasts to the Christian is their type-antitype nature. The purposes of the feasts noted many similarities and prefigures of matters pertaining to Christianity. It is impossible here to denote such things but only to encourage the serious Bible student to make a study of these feasts. Jews today celebrate many additional feasts other than those in the Bible and have perverted the Biblical feasts as well. But the message of God to man includes knowledge of these feasts. Give it some time.