Judah Not Cleansed

  Through His prophets God warned Judah of their impending doom because of their wickedness. His threats were severe and the assurance of His wrath against them was declared in a forceful manner. This was true of Ezekiel's words in chapter 22 and verse 24. "Son of man, say unto her, Thou art the land that is not cleansed..." God has given Judah many opportunities to turn from their evil but they persisted in their rebellion against Him. This is the sad history of that nation. They paid by falling.

  When I read of the reasons why God was so exercised against them, and see these very same things characterize our own nation, cannot we know that we are also a land that is not cleansed? In Judah the evil erupted from their princes, priests, pastors, prophets and the people generally. Who can deny that such is not the case in our time? Who can contend the results will be different from Judah regardless of the nation considered?