Judas Fulfilled Prophecy

  David lived about one thousand years before Christ. Yet, he spoke of many things concerning Christ and the period of His ministry. Among them, according to the apostle Peter, was a prophecy dealing with the betrayal of Jesus by Judas and someone else taking his place (Acts 1:16-20). This prophecy is recorded in the book of Psalms 69:25.

  Now it is not a marvel that evil deeds as well as righteous ones were foretold by God's prophets. But what is amazing is how man could foretell a specific event and circumstance ten centuries in advance. Only by being guided by the all-knowing God of heaven could this have been done. It is another of manifold evidences of the divine inspiration of Scripture. The element of predictive prophecy and its detailed fulfillment cannot be set aside by the skeptic as he refuses to believe the Bible to be God's Word.