Just as Believable

  The story in the town newspaper said a man was arrested for driving while drunk but he had an explanation. His dog was with him and he said the dog was driving. Well, nobody with sense would accept that. But after all the dog was there, and in the car, and with the man when he was stopped. And do not we have some highly trained dogs doing marvelous tricks? Maybe the dog was driving. Not very likely, but there is some "evidence" that the smart dog was behind the wheel even driving like a drunk. But few will accept that as the actual case.

  But somebody says everything came from nothing, life came from non-life, intricate designs have no designer, the marvels of nature "just happened," and all life came from a single cell that somehow "banged" into existence from nothing, and on goes the theory of evolution. But some "wise" people today will actually believe that. The void of evidence and the contradiction of what has been and is proven makes no difference to them. You see, the God-haters might even believe the dog was driving. That makes more sense than their humanistic hypothesis.